Matthew Donohue

Matthew was born in Stamford, Connecticut and spent most of his youth living in Delaware and Pennsylvania before moving to Brooklyn, New York to study at the Prestigious Pratt Institute. He graduated
in 2004 with a B.F.A. in Communication Arts.

After several years designing logos Matthew dropped everything and moved to South Korea for two years and then packed his bags for Kuwait where he taught photography and worked for Bazaar Magazine as a monthly columnist and photographer traveling throughout the
Middle East, East Africa, and the Indian Sub-Continent.

After returning to the United States Matthew's work changed dramatically especially after becoming a father, as he now works primarily in Sailing and the Equine field. He has been aboard on offshore races like Block Island, Newport Bermuda Race, and Around Long Island. 

He lectures a couple times a year on his life in the arts and his
body of work. Matthew is also a professor at Miami Ad School in Queens, New York teaching graduate students in Photography and Video Storytelling.

Matthew has been published in The Delaware News Journal, The Miami Herald, Spark Magazine, Bazaar Magazine (Kuwait), Eloquence Magazine (South Korea), Speak Easy Magazine (South Korea), Ego Miami, Concertblogger.com, Focus Magazine, Listenbeforeyoubuy.com, and Deli Magazine


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn New York 2003
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn New York 2004
ING Direct, Wilmington Delaware 2006
1715 Delaware Ave, Wilmington Delaware 2006

Raleigh Hotel, Miami 2007
Bundang, South Korea 2008
Dasman, Kuwait 2009
PLG Artisits Exhibition, Brooklyn New York 2011
8th & Union, Wilmington Delaware 2017