Middle of the Atlantic Ocean

You were there once. cold, and quiet. You were there far from shore. You were there where no photograph could grasp. You were there in memory that caught that stillness. The only thing that remains is my memory. I remember you...Purple. the stillness...that memory I will never lose. And this I give to God. Thank you!

Took this during the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race on a Farr 40 with Oakcliff Sailing out of Oyster Bay, New York. I shot this 251 nautical miles from any piece of land at 4:58 in the morning. I don’t usually photograph sunrises or sunsets but this was an amazing morning. The sea was like ice in all directions due to a high pressure system.

When I returned back to my office and plugged in the coordinates from where this image was shot I sat back in my chair when I looked at the sea depth….16,224 ft deep and 251 nm from land.

Speed: 3.1 knots @ 130.22°
Lat/Lon: 36° 28.25 N, 067° 43.67 W
DTF: 251.2 Nautical Miles from Bermuda
Ocean Depth 16,224 ft